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Wayside History
The Wayside Cheer Started off as a Cafe Tea Room, at that time the building was just a Guernsey Cottage

During the 60s The Wayside Cheer was a thriving hotel and in the 70s along with a couple of other venues in the Island it became popular to have Summer Season shows, at that time the Island was very popular destination for tourists who wanted to go on holiday but economy long distance travel had not yet evolved.

The Summer Season Shows in the Island saw many soon to be famous acts, like Magician Paul Daniels, Little and Large, Mick Miller, Cannon and Ball, and many more.

At that time Tourism and Horticulture was the main industries in Guernsey, with Tomato Growing being so big that when flying to Guernsey on a summers day the Island looked like a Jewel in the sea from as far away as the south coast of England,
Thousands of Greenhouses covered the Island and 3 ships a week full of Tomatoes left Guernsey for the UK Markets, there were so many Tomatoes, growers would pile trays FREE to take away on the hedges in the summer months.

With government subsidised tomato imports from Holland and supermarket style packaging the superior Guernsey Tomato did not match the efficiency and appearance of products from Holland and what was a huge industry for the island simply died,

Tourism at that time was still strong but eventually cheaper Mediterranean Holidays started to take its toll and many Hotels in the Channel Islands closed,

Finance Industry moved in to Guernsey and filled the gap keeping the Island one of the more prosperous place to live  and a smaller but still thriving Tourist Industry remains along with a massively reduced horticulture industry.

The Wayside Cheer Hotel through all this continued as a popular cheaper end hotel and a great place for locals to visit for Bar, Food, Dances and the occasional Cabaret Show.

If 2006 new life was injected in to The Wayside Cheer Hotel when it was taken over, and the long list of refurbishments were started and have continued to this day,

The then popular 1 star Hotel, is now one of the Islands most popular 3 Star Hotels, still keeping the family friendly service that served it so well for years, and an affordable pricing structure.

For the past 4 years The Wayside Cheer Hotel has achieved a Silver Award for it Great Food and now has a Menu to suite every taste and everybody's budget.

Most of the past guests and many new ones now visit The Wayside every year and some multiple times taking advantage of our special off season rates,

The Future looks bright with  plans to keep Improving, but not by spoiling the unique atmosphere that is only available at the Wayside Cheer.

Above are some old pictures showing how the Wayside evolved into being the hotel it is today,
The Rear Garden is now the Restaurant and Staff accommodation, and the Front is now The Ballroom