Grandes Rocques, Castel, Guernsey, GY5 7FX

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Wayside Cheer Hotel

Welcome to Wayside Cheer Hotel - One of the Friendliest Hotels in Guernsey


Started as a Cottage

The hotels started as a simple cottage which in the summer months was also a tea garden

Second Floor Added

A second floor was added and more garden space added at the rear

A Third Floor Added

A third floor was added and a tudor theme facia was created, this theme also was used Inside

During WW2

During the second world war the hotel was used as an officer recreation venue

Ballroom added in the late 60s

The tea garden area was used to house the function room which during the 70s was the home of some of the best cabaret shows.

Restaurant, More, Rooms, Chalets and Swimming Pool

The restaurant and extra rooms were added along with the chalets and swimming pool